Meet Our Staff 

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At TODO BIEN! we offer you a wide variety of wellness services. This is made possible by our skilled staff. Please contact each staff member individually for information on how to book their services.

Jessica Chesney Spence, LMP, CPI

I am a 21+ year career massage therapist and have also been a certified Pilates instructor for 16 years. I specialize in deeper bodywork but can do lighter work as well. I have a lot of experience with injury treatment , and can bill PIP (auto insurance ) and L&I. My passion is helping people get and stay strong, mobile, and pain free for as much as their lives as possible. A healthy, active pain free body is a HAPPY body!

Jim Spence, CPT

A NFPT certified trainer who has worked with a variety of different clients with different programs from weight-loss to athletic performance to maintenance. Besides being a personal trainer he is also a yoga instructor and a boxing instructor. He can incorporate both into a personal training regimen depending on a client’s needs. Jim believes if you work hard during your training sessions it should make any physical activity outside of training seem much easier. If you need some help getting to your fitness goals you should give Jim a try.

Judy Jones, LMP, CPI

Judy Jones, LMP, CPI, BS, is a massage therapist and pilates instructor. She has been a Licensed Massage Practitioner and a part of the Todo Bien team since 2004. As a massage therapist, Judy provides effective, therapeutic massage uniquely suited to each individual. She incorporates therapeutic, Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, relaxation and sports massage techniques tailored to the distinctive needs of each client.
As a certified pilates instructor, Judy provides personalized training to help each client get stronger and attain increased core strength and flexibility. Judy strongly believes in the therapeutic benefits of massage and pilates. She is enthusiastic about sharing both so others can improve their lives.

Karen Polanchek

Karen is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner who has found a passion for recovering the body through a whole foods plan of eating. Karen has found recovery from substances, sugar and flour through experimenting with food for over 20 yrs. We can recover from what the quality of our food has done to our health by enjoying natures abundant foods along with supplements and techniques to enhance the process. Karen keeps your individuality and dream outcome at the forefront.

Charli Greig, BA

I help people release emotional baggage so that they can tap into their source of inner strength. I practice chakra-based energy healing. My clairvoyant readings provide insight into what is going on in your life, and what needs to be addressed. I teach tools to release energy that is no longer serving you. From there I help you create a life you love waking up to!

Bridget Simon

Bridgett Simon is an Acupuncturist in Seattle who specializes in pain relief and body work. She has been in practice for 13 years around the area and also can incorporate fitness into your life to improve health and reduce pain. Emphasis on: Stress Relief Pain Reduction Nutrition Counseling Emotional Balancing Join us for a consult!